About Us

Lenox medical is a Durable Medical Equipment Company Based in Washington DC. We deal in products that aid people to lead a more Comfortable life. All services provided to Medicare Beneficiaries through Lenox Medical Supply are provided at little or NO expense to the client, we accept assignments and bill Medicare/Medicaid on your behalf. All that is required to get any medical equipment through Lenox Medical Supply is Medicare/Medicaid coverage and a prescription through your physician. We will Send the necessary forms to your Doctor to complete. To see if You Qualify for Power Chair Click Here

At Lenox Medical Supply, we focus on quality. With years of Industry experience, we know how to cater to patients, Senior citizens, and the disabled, providing quality products that make a real improvement in everyday life. We are a bridge between the manufacturer and the patient at all times throughout the use of your product, even after the warranty expires. Get the one-on-one personal service you deserve from people that care about your needs. We have knowledgeable staff of professionals to assist you in any question you have about a product. Contact us today to experience the difference in quality and service at Lenox Medical Supply Services.


  • Free delivery and assemble of all equipments
  • Free I Year Service Contract for Products Covered under Medicare
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed, when you give us a Company with a lower Price
Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6 pm

Residential . Commercial
Licensed . Insured
Last Minute Service Available