Equipment Rentals

Renting a scooter or wheelchair from Lenox Medical is an easy process. Simply tell us the type of the equipment you want to rent, your destination address and rental period and we will take care of the rest.

Most Famous Delivery Locations:

- Hotels
- Residence
- Convention Center
- Airports (Require arrival time)
- Monument, Lincoln Memorial (All Tourist Locations)

Travel Scooters

A travel scooter is one of our most rented type of scooter. Its collapsible feature makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Our travel scooter breaks into 3 pieces for easy transport and storage in the trunk of a medium to full-sized vehicles. Our travel scooters breaks in less than 10 seconds with the heaviest piece on the scooter weighing between 30 to 39lbs. The maximum user weight capacity on these scooters are between 250lbs to 300lbs in most cases.
Ideal for sightseeing

Standard Scooters

Standard scooters are very similar to in style to travel scooters. However, they are designed for to accomodate up to 300lb weight capacity. Standard scooters also has more stability than travel scooters because they are more bulky. Standard scooters are not easily disassembled for storage in the trunk of a car.

Heavy-Duty Scooters

Heavy duty scooters are also similar in functionality to the travel and standard scooters but are designed to accomodate individuals who weight up to 450lbs. They are pretty bulky and heavy and we recommend using a scooter vehicle lift for transportation.

Manual Wheelchair

Our manual wheelchairs come in variety of sizes and models. However, our standard manual wheelchair is our most rented type of manual chair. They accomodate users who weigh up to 300lbs and can fold up in less than 2 seconds for transportation. We also have heavy-duty models and transporter wheelchairs available. Our manual wheelchairs weigh less than 20lbs.

Power Wheelchair

Our power wheelchairs are designed for different users and manueverability in tight spaces. Our standard power wheelchairs can accomodate individuals that weigh up to 300lbs whereas our heavy duty models can accomodate individuals that weigh up to 450lbs.