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Welcome to our Incontinence Section

We carry different types and brand of incontinence items from diapers to underpads.
Tired of running out of supplies? its time for a change. With Lenox Medical you will never run out of supplies. Our dedicated staff closely monitors each patient on a case by case basis to ensure that you never run out of supplies. We offer
monthly in-home delivery on all incontinence items.
automatic reminders when its time to reorder

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Briefs also known as adult diapers fasten with tape tabs and are designed to offer maximum absorbency and protection. Our adult briefs comes in sizes for all user. We have them in small, medium, large, x-large and so on.

Ideal for men and women.
Many brands to choose from..
Medicaid Accepted..
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Our pull-up diapers are designed to pull on like regular underwear. It provides moderate to heavy protection. Like the briefs they come in various sizes such as small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large etc. We also carry various brands such as Depends, Tena, Attends & Invacare.

Ideal for men and women
More comfortable
Commonly used by most of our patients
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The underpads also known as bed pads are designed to protect your bed and chair (including wheelchairs).
Like the briefs and pull-ups they come in various sizes.
Ideal for men and women.
Some of our sizes include:
23" x 36"
30" x 36"

*Reusable underpads also available*

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Liner pads also known as bladder control pads are designed for patients with very light urinary incontinence. It can be used with your pull-ups or regular underwear. Ideal for women.

Brands include

Dignity and, Tranquility
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Wipes are recommended for incontinent individuals. It helps clean the skin better that a regular cloth or tissue to prevent skin breakdown.

Our wipes/washcloth are manufactured by top manufacturers such as

Attends, Invacare
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Available in small, medium, large & extra-large. We recommend that customers who use incontinence supplies purchase gloves as well. This is a healthy alternative.

The types of gloves available include:

Sterile gloves
Pre-powdered gloves & latex-free gloves
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This product include cleansers, skin barrier, creams, moisturizers, washcloths and are designed to incontinent patients who often experience skin irritation as a result of being incontinent.

pH balanced , no rinse formula
ps maintain skin integrity
ps control odor

We carry creams and skin barrier from Invacare, Medline etc..

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