"Medicare Process for power chairs & scooters"

First, if you experience limited mobility and are unable to participate in activities of daily living you may qualify for a power wheelchair or scooter at little to no cost to you. If you qualify, Medicare will cover 80% of your new power wheelchair or scooter. If you have secondary insurance such as AARP, Medicaid or any other insurance, the remaining 20% may be covered. This implies that the mobility product needed to improve your life could cost you nothing.

STEP 1. Contact us

Give us a call at 1-866-474-4356 to request a power wheelchair or scooter. All information received from our mobility experts are kept confidential.

STEP 2. Doctor's evaluation

Step 2 is the most critical step in getting your new power mobility equipment. For Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare requires that your doctor conduct a face to face mobility evaluation to document your mobility limitations and how you will benefit from a power wheelchair or scooter.

  • Does the beneficiary have mobility limitations that affect ambulation or participation in activities of daily living?
  • Is the beneficiary unable to use a cane or walker due to gait/balance issues, risk of falling, wheelchair bound etc?
  • Is the beneficiary unable to self propel a manual wheelchair? The upper/lower extremities, endurance, limitations of strength, range of motion, presence of pain, coordination and the absence or deformity of one or both upper extremities are all relevant in determining beneficiary's inability to propel/push a manual wheelchair.
  • The doctor also determines prognosis and other physical limitations and whether the beneficiary is capable of using a power mobility device.

Full details on what is required will be sent to your physician*****

STEP 3. We gather the required paperwork

After completing the face to face evaluation, your case manager will contact your doctor's office to gather and process your insurance paperwork. After your face to face we handle the process.

STEP 4. We deliver your power wheelchair.

The final process is to call and schedule delivery. We will deliver your new power wheelchair or scooter to your door. We conduct extensive training that shows who how to operate the device. Our delivery technician adjusts the chair to a more comfortable position. You can then follow up with additional questions and training.