Payment Options


If your Doctor determines through a face to face evaluation you would benefit from a Power Mobility Device Lenox Medical will handle all Medicare Paperwork for you. As you know Medicare covers 80% of your mobility device or medical supplies and you or your Co Insurance will be responsible for a 20% co-pay.

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Medicare Prequalification Requirement
You can prequalify for Power Wheelchair or Scooter if:

  • You have mobility limitation that affects your daily living activities
  • You are unable to operate or self-propel in any type of Manual Wheelchair
  • You are unable to use a Walker or Cane
  • You Doctor writes you a prescription and determines and documents  through a face to face evaluation that you will benefit from a power wheelchair or scooter.


We currently accept DC, Maryland and Virginia Medicaid. We may be accepting other State Medicaid programs, please contact us to find out.

Private Insurance

Lenox Medical will work with your private insurance to ensure you receive the most appropriate mobility equipment. We also handle all private insurance paperwork as soon as your doctor qualifies you.

Click Here to have one of our representatives contact you or call us at 1-866-474-4356.

Cash or Credit Card

Our cash or credit payment option is the fastest and easiest way to regain your independence with a scooter, power wheelchair, cane or walker.

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