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Power Wheelchairs

Welcome to our Power Chair Section. We know choosing a Power Chair can be confusing and frustrating, that's why we have a group of knowledgeable staff to assist you in selecting the appropriate item that fits your need and budget. We carry a huge selection of power chairs manufactured by the top leading manufacturers in the industry (Merits, Golden Technologies, Invacare etc). Our Power Chairs are covered with a full 1-year warranty, extended warranty are also available.

Will Medicare Pay for a Power Chair? Yes, all that is required is a prescription from your physician and you will be on your way to receiving a power wheelchair at little or no cost to you. Lenox Medical as a certified Medicare provider will do our best to see you regain your independence at little or no expense to you.

To see if you qualify for a Power Wheelchair Click Here. We also offer special financing for the uninsured, call us toll-free 1-866-474-4356.

Manual Wheelchairs

We carry a full range of manual wheelchairs to fit most every need. We stock lightweight manual chairs, heavy-duty manual chairs and reclining wheelchairs.

Also if eligible, Medicare will cover the cost of your Manual Wheelchair. To see if you qualify for a Manual Wheelchair chair Click Here. We offer free shipping on all Manual Wheelchairs.

Electric Scooters

Choosing a scooter can be as challenging as choosing a power chair, that's why we employ experts to aid you in selecting the scooter that best fits your need and budget. NO CASH NO PROBLEM, We offer a low monthly payment option for all scooters.

Will Medicare Pay for a Scooter? Yes, but you have to first purchase the scooter from us and we will handle all the paperwork for you. We will Bill Medicare on you behalf, and you will receive a reimbursement directly from Medicare. However, we do not guarantee any reimbursement on scooters.

Walking Aids

Welcome to our walking aid section. We stock a wide range of walking aids such as rollator walkers, traveler's walkers, quad cane, and crutches. Our rollator walkers come in three and four-wheeled walker. Please feel free to browse our website to select any of our item you need. Remember we are here to assist you throughout this process.

Lift Chairs

Thank you for visiting our Lift Chair section. We carry the best lift chairs, manufactured by the number one leading manufacturer in the industry. Our lift chairs are available in variety of colors, fabrics and sizes for your comfort. They are also available in 2 position, 3 position and infinite position.

Medicare covers a portion of the lift chair and you will be responsible for a the co-payment fee.

Bath Benches

Our Categories of bathroom equipment are composed of bath bench with back and without back, shower chairs and transfer bench. These products are suitable for most bathrooms. Your safety is very important to us.


Our commodes adjust in width to fit most toilets. All our unit flips back for easy cleaning. The 3 in 1 commode is equipped with a splash guard, bucket cover, waterfall armrest and a back post. We also carry raised toilet seats that are adjustable in height, universal and fits most toilet bowls.

Homecare Beds

Welcome to our Homecare bed section at Lenox medical. Our array of adjustable hospital beds, manual, semi-electrical and full electrical will ensure you receive the right equipment that fits your need.

Our hospital beds come standard without a mattress but you have the option to purchase an entire set with a mattress and rail packaging for a low-price.