Mobility Emergency Assistance

Our rental rates include basic assistance provided to customers in the event our equipment malfunctions as a result of mechanical defects not attributable to the customer.

Mobility Emergency Assistance: is an optional service which, if accepted eliminates the service charge associated with providing assistance in the event any of the non-mechanical problems listed below occurs;

Lost/Broken Keys:

When keys are lost or accidentally broken inside the rental equipment, authorized service will be sent to provide another key or replace the unit if necessary. The $40 service charge will be waived; however, the cost of replacement key is not covered unless you purchased our equipment protection plan.

Dead Battery Service:

In the event you forget to charge your rental equipment and run out of battery, a replacement battery pack or battery will be provided and the $30 service charge will be waived.

Broken Tires:

In the event a tire on any of our mobility breaks due to improper usage, replacement mobility equipment will be provided and service charge waived.

Lost Chargers:

If you lose your charger, a technician will be dispatched to provide replacement charger and service charge will be waived. However, you will still be liable for the cost of purchasing a replacement charger

Equipment Replacement Service Charge:

In the event the equipment is damaged while in your possession and you need a replacement equipment, this plan eliminates the $30 service charge associated with delivering and/or providing a replacement equipment to you.

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