Hospitality Hotels

This section of our website is designed for the hospitality industry (e.g Hotels). It gives hotel staff members the ability to contact regarding reserving or booking rentals for guests.

What we do for Hotels

We help hotels ensure guest in need of scooters & wheelchairs in the Washington DC area enjoy a wonderful and stress free stay in your establishment. We are proactive with our orders and deliver right to their room or front desk. There is no need for the guest to come to our facility to pick up their equipment.

About our Rental Equipment

All equipment rented by our company are in excellent working condition. We perform scheduled routine maintenance on all our equipment to ensure we provide safe and reliable services to your guest and all our rental customers.

How Do I Reserve Equipment for Guest?

- Call us at (866) 474-4356 or (202) 387-1960 to book or reserve over the telephone.

- Submit a reservation request online