Power Mobility Maintenance Tips

How do I get my power wheelchair to run smoothly?

  • 1. The first step is to always keep your power wheelchair clean and free of dirt. As a wheelchair owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your power chair is kept clean at all times. If you don't have the strength to clean it enlist a family member or friend to assist you in cleaning your chair. If you use your power chair both indoor and outdoor it is not unusual to have dirt or debris around the motor. However, dirt can cause friction on some of the parts, to avoid this simply clean your wheelchair as needed. When cleaning only clean with damp clothes do not wash it.
  • 2. Make sure your batteries are charged on a daily basis. Never allow your batteries to run down entirely. This will prolong the life of your batteries. If you plan on storing your battery for a prolonged period of time make sure the batteries are fully charged and stored in a warm dry place (50-80 F). Typically batteries are to be charged 8 to 14 hours after each use.
  • 3. Before transferring in and out of your power wheelchair make sure it is turned off
  • 4. Listen to your motor and become familiar with the sounds that it makes.
  • 5. Keep you wheelchair out of the rain and when cleaning your wheelchair only clean with damp clothes do not wash it.
  • 6. When a spill occurs immediately clean them up. See owners manual for full tips on maintenance