PlusPoints Reward Program

Overview of our reward program

Our points reward program gives you 6 points for each eligible dollar spent with ScooterPlus Rentals. The more you rent from ScooterPlus, the more PlusPoints you accumulate. A scooter or wheelchair rental points entitles you to free rental days at any of our participating location. You can earn points for rentals in Washington DC and redeem them for rentals in New York, Las Vegas etc...

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What are the benefits

Earning points with ScooterPlus Rentals entitles you to free rental days. That is, the more rentals you book with ScooterPlus, the more points you earn. The beauty of it all is that your points will never expire and you can redeem them at any of our participating location. Points earned for rentals booked in Washington can be redeemed for rentals in New York, Orlando, Atlanta etc...

Is membership required to start earning points?

No, membership is not required to start earning points. However, creating an account will help you manage your points effectively. You start earning points with your first rental.

Can I transfer points to a friend or family member?

Yes, you may transfer points to a family member or a friend. Just follow the instructions when you log into your account or call customer service at (866) 474-4356 for assistance.

Will my points ever expire?

No, your points will never expire.

How do I redeem points?

During checkout, click on redeem my points or enter your points code to take advantage of this great savings.

Can my points be redeemed at anytime?

Yes, as long as we have equipment available on your rental date, your points can be redeemed at anytime. However, please bear in mind you must have enough points available to receive a free rental.

Is the total amount paid for
my rental eligible for points?

Taxes, surcharges, insurance and cancellation plans are not eligible for points. The amount paid for equipment and accessories are eligible for rental points. Please see example below:

Scooter or wheelchair rental

$75 (Eligible for points)

Equipment protection plan

$10 (not eligible)

Elevating Legrest

$20 (eligible)


$6.00 (not eligible)

Total points earned

570 points

How many points must I earn
to be eligible for rental

The table below provides a brief overview of the number of points required to start earning rental discounts. Each dollar spent, earns you 6 PlusPoints.

PlusPoints Earned
Rewards Redemption
2 Day FREE Rental
4 Day FREE Rental
7 Day FREE Rental
10 Day FREE Rental
14 Day FREE Rental
FREE 1 Month Rental
Courtesy Go-Go or Victory 9 Scooter