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The physicians section of our website is designed to provide healthcare professionals information relevant to prescribing a power mobility device for their patients. It is designed to help physicians and referral sources rule out unnecessary equipment by recommending products that will benefit patients the most.

Benefits of working with Lenox Medical:

We understand the value physicians place on patient care. That is why our staff are trained to view physicians as a partner in caring for their patients.

We value patient care and quality and have been able to demonstrate this by becoming accredited by HQAA, one of Medicare's approved accrediting organizations.

We make the paperwork process as easy as possible. We send a series of questions that has to be answered during a face to face exam with the patient. Once those questions are answered a prescription is written.

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Medicare Process


Details Required when Prescribing a Power Mobility Device

**A must have for Healthcare professionals**

CMS has added an additional code to compensate physicians for the paperwork required when completing a face to face exam for Power Mobility Devices. The CMS code is G0372, which covers the paperwork required for prescribing the power wheelchair or scooter. This is billed in addition to the office visit